About Us

About the Well Diggers

Founded in 2015.

The Well Diggers Church  is non-denominational, multicultural church led by Senior Pastor T.Bakshi and his wife Neha Bakshi.  The Well Diggers Ministry operates as a non-profit organization with its principal campus in Dhariwal, Punjab and Goa.
Deeply involved the local communities, The Well Diggers ministry reaches out with its Children Ministry to the children living in the streets and slumps. The work to rehabilitate the drug addicts and prostitutes have been able to shape lives for the glory of God.


Our Mission

The mission of this ministry is to spread the Gospel and share the goodness of the Lord . It focuses on preaching the good news, planting Churches and rendering help like providing education, medical aid, counseling, feeding the hungry and being a channel of the physical and emotional healing that only God can provide. This ministry has its base in the South West costal state of India called Goa.

Our Vision

The vision of this ministry is to prepare the ground for people to ENCOUNTER GOD. In the Gospel of John Chapter 4 Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at the well of Jacob and this encounter changes everything about this woman and impacts Samaria. This is what The Well Diggers is about.

Pastor Bakshi and Neha Bakshi are the founders The Well Diggers Ministry

Pastor Bakshi focused on raising disciples and developing leaders who will change the world with the love of Jesus Christ, his ministry focused on bringing the saving and healing grace of Lord Jesus Christ to the world. Pastor Bakshi desires to see every person free from any bondage, soaking in the true knowledge of God and embracing the abundant life. Pastor Bakshi served as a Associate  Pastor in a church in South Delhi from 2013-2015 and four years he spent in the state of Goa pioneering TWD Church in Goa. He now travels the world sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, praying for the sick, and teaching the Word of God.

Neha Bakshi is a speaker and leader marked by genuineness and depth. She walks in a powerful prophetic ministry and leads with wisdom and insight. Her heart is to see everyone encounter Jesus in a deep and personal way.She is great mentor and coach who helps people to get their breakthrough and is invited to speak around the world.

Together Pastor Bakshi and Neha steward a burning desire to win cities, nations, and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through their faithful leadership, has seen thousands come to Jesus and multitudes healed and delivered by the power of God. Pastor Bakshi and Sister Neha were lead by the Holy Spirit to pioneer TWD in Punjab and now they reside in Dhariwal, Punjab along with their two daughters.